img dzkThe DZK Zoning Kit increases the flexibility of VRV and SkyAir system applications by allowing multiple individually-controlled zones to be served by one indoor unit fan coil. Up to 6 separate dampers supply variable air flow to the zones in response to individual zone thermostats.

The DZK integrates seamlessly with the Daikin indoor unit fan coil and system controls.

A complete Daikin Zoning Kit consists of a Zoning Box, at least one Wired thermostat, optional Wireless and Wireless Lite thermostats. An optional BACnet Interface is also available.

The DZK BACnet Interface allows each DZK zone to be monitored and controlled individually over BACnet-IP for maximum flexibility in commercial applications.

Advantages of the DZK Zoning Kit

  • Reduces system hardware cost - use fewer Indoor units to serve more zones
  • Increases comfort levels by allowing more individual zone control
  • Reduces installation expense and maintenance costs
  • Reduces the amount of refrigerant required in the installation
  • Increases the flexibility of the VRV and SkyAir system

img dzk unit



img dzk accessoriesThe DZK Zoning Kit includes:

  • A Zoning Box (mounted on the Indoor Unit discharge side), a wired Main thermostat, and optional wired and wireless Zone thermostats.
  • The Zoning Box is a plenum with motorized zone dampers that modulate the conditioned air flow into each zone through standard ductwork, in response to the demand from the individual Zone Thermostat.
  • The Main thermostat is a wired color touch display master unit used to configure the DZK system. It can also be used as a thermostat for one of the zones.
  • The Wireless zone thermostat features a backlit, low-energy E-ink screen with capacitve touch buttons. The user can view the current room temperature and relative humidity, adjust the zone set point temperature, activate local ventilation , and more.
  • The Wireless Lite zone thermotat offers a sleek, simple user interface to adjust the local zone set point temperature using LED-lit capacitive touch buttons.
  • The DZK BACnet Interface is an optional control PCB that easily installs on the main DZK control board.

Features of the DZK

  • Increased flexibility of the Daikin VRV and SkyAir systems. One indoor unit fan coil can serve several individually controlled zones (room, part of a room, or several rooms)
  • Integrates seamlessly with the indoor unit fan coil and system controls of the Daikin VRV and SkyAir systems
  • Continuous Room-by-room temperature control due to modulating zone dampers
  • Ideal solution for residential, offfice, and light commercial applications
  • Flexible and scalable - with DZK an indoor fan unit can serve up to 6 zones
  • Cost efficient - DZK enables equipment layout optimized for specific zone requirements
  • Easy to install – designed to mount directly to:
    • FXMQ_PB series
    • FXSQ_TA series
    • FBQ series
    • FDMQ series
  • Damper positions can be set to minimum and maximum positions to meet local requirements
  • Easy integration of up to 2-stage supplemental electric heat


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