HSP DC Concealed Ceiling Unit (FXMQ_PBVJU)


For small to large well-populated spaces in need of a concealed air-conditioning system, you can count on our ceiling mounted ducted unit. This extremely powerful unit's compact design allows it to be completely concealed - and it's perfect for offices, restaurants, shops or even hotel ballrooms.

  • New ducted indoor unit designed to unify the previous FXSQ and FXMQ range with the best features taken from both units
  • Available from 7.5 MBH to 54 MBH
  • Improved efficiency with our new DC fan motor
  • Auto adjusting airflow at commissioning based on ESP
  • Medium ESP capabilities of up to 0.8" W.G.
  • Three user selected fan speeds available plus fan "Auto" logic
  • Low profile design - less that 12" high
  • Built-in condensate pump
  • Indoor Air Quality options include MERV 13 filters
  • Service access from below

Auto-adjust External Static Pressure

dc duct features replace

  • After installation, it is possible the actual duct resistance is lower than expected at the time of designing. As a consequence, the air flow will be too high.
  • With the automatic air flow adjustment function the unit can adapt its fan speed to a lower curve, so the air flow decreases.
  • The air flow will always be within 10% of the rated air flow because of the amount of possible fan curves (more than 8 fan curves available per model).
  • Alternatively the installer can manually select a fan curve with the wired remote control.