HSP High Capacity Concealed Ceiling Unit (FXMQ_MVJU)

FXMQ72 96M

Concealed, Slim Design, Strong, Comfortable

The FXMQ-MVJU ducted fan coil unit is ideal for larger open space floor plans usually found in offices, retails, hotels, or education facilities. It performs well across multiple spaces that can benefit from the same mode of operation, limiting equipment and installation cost.




  • Hotel/conference centers
  • Schools
  • Retail/shopping centers
  • Large open-plan offices
  • Churches
  • Greater design flexibility with a capacity range extended to 96 MBH
  • Improved ductwork and filtration flexibility with high CFM and ESP capabilities of up to 1.1" W.G.
  • Low profile design of less than 19" high to reduce required installation space
  • Condensate float switch connection (condensate pump is not included)