Multi-Position Air Handler Unit (FXTQ_TAVJUA(D))

fxtq tavjua

Outstanding Flexibility and Performance

The FXTQ air handling unit features full multi position flexibility, allowing vertical, horizontal right, horizontal left, and downflow installation orientations to meet the most demanding installation conditions. A capacity range from 09 to 60 MBH and a multitude of features ensure reliable, efficient performance year round.



  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Multi-family residences
  • Single-family residences
  • Full multi-position air handler capable of upflow, downflow*, horizontal right, and horizontal left installation.
  • A high efficiency, ECM motor powers the fan to deliver nominal CFM at up to 0.9” w.g. static. An auto fan speed setting automatically adjusts the fan speed through 5 steps based on the load in the space.
  • Wide line up of electric heat (field installed) options from 3kW to 25kW.
  • An auxiliary heat logic features a reduced heater operation deadband and the ability to run both heat pump and auxiliary heat for maximum comfort and performance in colder climates. The uxiliary heat can be interlocked with the ambient temperature sensed by the outdoor unit.
  • Designed with less than 2% air leakage when tested in accordance with ASHRAE standard 193.
  • New integrated control board reduces** the number of electrical connections required. Quick disconnect control wiring terminals simplify installation.
  • Easily integrate with third party accessories such as a humidifier or economizer with on-board contacts.
  • Up to 200% connection ratio is possible on applicable VRV IV systems.
  • Available with optional factory installed disconnect (Built to order — model FXTQ_TAVJUD).

Electric Heater Options

FXTQ chart
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