Energy efficient HVAC solutions for educational environments

Daikin offers a range of school HVAC and college HVAC solutions for educational environments, both large and small. Based on low carbon, renewable energy heat pump technology, Daikin’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning technologies can be fully integrated to reduce the running costs and environmental impact of educational buildings.

Complete control

School HVAC and college HVAC solutions can be designed to offer individual room control, providing effective management of standby and comfort settings. This can help to moderate temperature and humidity levels as well as introduce fresh air into the building to create a comfortable, fresh and healthy learning environment.

Energy management

Integrated heat recovery within school HVAC and college HVAC systems gives building and estate managers the power to use energy as efficiently as possible, and warm air ventilation. Entire buildings and educational campuses can be scheduled and monitored remotely from one central location, to minimize energy use and carbon emissions.

Compact installation

Internally, discreet units and minimal plant requirements offer space saving installation, while outside Daikin’s low noise units have a small footprint, making them ideal for densely populated, built up areas.