Heating and Cooling for Healthcare

Daikin offers a range of highly energy efficient solutions for healthcare environments, including air conditioning for hospitals, as well as economical hospital heating and ventilation systems, to deliver a fresh and healthy environment that helps to protect the well-being of both patients and staff alike.

Precise control of temperature and humidity

Daikin heating, cooling and solutions for healthcare applications are based on low carbon, renewable energy heat pump technology. These systems can be fully integrated together with intelligent energy management solutions to reduce the running costs and environmental impact of all kinds of healthcare environments, thus helping to achieve carbon reduction targets.

Zone-by-zone comfort settings

Daikin offers precise control of temperature and humidity settings within multiple zones, so they are ideal for complex healthcare environments and hospitals that have a range of heating, cooling, and ventilation requirements. Effective control of individual zones and units ensures that heating and cooling is only used where required, to minimize energy costs.

Integrated heat recovery

Daikin energy efficient heat pump systems can recover heat from areas that require cooling, such as operating theaters and laboratories, to pre-heat incoming fresh air, or heat other zones within in the building, such as cafes and reception areas.

Intelligent energy saving

Daikin smart energy management solutions can minimize running costs, without compromising on performance:

  • Smart control of schedule timers and energy saving functions on remote controls.
  • Presence sensors adjust the set point or switches off the unit when nobody is in the room, saving 27% in energy consumption over a three hour period.
  • Fresh air integration offers free cooling in mid-season.