Daikin DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor

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Connect Your Daikin System with the DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor

Iphone App 2

Android App 2

The DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor enables the remote control of your Daikin indoor units through an iOS/Android App. With the app, the DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor provides remote control and monitoring of P1P2 indoor units’ ON/OFF, mode, setpoint, fan speed, room temperature and error alert status from an iOS/Android smartphone. It can also be voice controlled by Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa.

System Overview

The adaptor can connected to the indoor unit as an optional sub controller. A BRC remote controller must be used together with the adaptor. When connected to a Daikin indoor unit (IDU) the adaptor (along with a BRC remote controller) can monitor and control indoor units on the same P1P2 communication bus.


The DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor is compatible not only with Daikin indoor units but also with all Daikin indoor unit models that communicate with the P1P2 protocol. It is also backwards compatible with previous P1P2 indoor unit models.


The DKN Cloud Adaptor can be mounted on the outside or inside (if there is space) of the IDU with the double sided tape or self tapping screws included in the box.
Should not be mounted where ambient temperatures can exceed 122º F. Power for the wi-fi adaptor will be provided by the IDU X18A or X35A external adapter connection. A 6 ft. wiring harness for power and P1P2 connection is provided with the adaptor.

Public API Integration

The DKN Cloud NA Public API is also available for hotel and home automation integration developers. With the implementation of the Public API, third party control systems can monitor and control the DKN Cloud Wi-fi Adaptors through Cloud integration. For example, it can be used to connect the VRV indoor unit to a hotel's connected room system and application.


Daikin DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor for Ductless Systems (S21) Product Flyer (PF-DKNCLOUD-SMZ)

Daikin DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptorfor VRV (P1P2) Product Flyer (PF-DKNCLOUD-VRV)

Daikin DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor Open API Integration Manual

Daikin DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor Operation Manual

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