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Quaternity wireless remote controller provides a host of functions

Controller LabelsFunction list

Controller Labels open case


wireless comfort

Comfortable mode In heating mode, the warm air is directed straight downward to your feet. In cooling mode, the cool air descends from the ceiling gradually throughout the entire room. The comfortable mode prevents air from blowing directly on the skin, which provides a gentle and comfortable environment.

wireless breeze

Cooling breeze operation The outflow sways gently up and down in a 1Hz rhythm. This frequency provides a comfortable cool breeze that feels natural and makes the room feel cool even though the temperature is set higher.

wireless sleep

Comfort sleep operation This feature controls the indoor temperature while you are asleep, helping to produce the pattern of body temperatures most conducive to restful sleep.
The comfortable sleep program controls the temperature in a V-shaped pattern. (Assuming 6 hours of sleep)

wireless clean

Air purifying operation The air purifying function can be used alone or in combination with heating or cooling operation. It effectively cleans the air, eliminating microorganisms as well as unpleasant odors.

wireless humidity

Temperature and humidity level information display Using the INFO button on the remote control, you can display the current indoor temperature and humidity level. The display serves as a reference during humidifying or dehumidifying operation and allows detailed checking of the humidity level to help you prevent mold or dust mite proliferation.

wireless offtimer

Countdown off timer Set the time until Quaternity will switch off (up to 9 ½ hours earlier) with the touch of a single button.

wireless lock

Child proof lock This function allows you to lock the operation of the system by pressing a button on the remote control. The setting is controlled using the SET UP button.

wireless color

Multi-colored indicator The color of the indicator lamp on the indoor unit changes to match the current operating mode. It always shows the current mode even when operation is set to automatic.

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