Hoosick Valley Church

case hoosick1The Hoosick Valley Church located in Schaghticoke, NY, nearby to Albany, New York was expanding its church to accommodate the growth in its membership. The church turned to Advanced Heating and Cooling of Saratoga Springs, New York for a cooling system to meet their needs of varying loads and provide a highly efficient system. Alan Ethier, owner of Advanced Heating and Cooling took on the challenge of providing the best solution to the newly converted narthex and new worship hall.

case hoosick3According to Mr. Ethier, an avid professional who aspires to use the highest quality products, the needs of the church were, “minimize the number of outdoor units, highest possible efficiency under the varying loads and the use of R-410A”. An additional challenge according to Mr. Ethier was “the need to run the refrigerant lines far enough to accommodate the large worship hall”.

Fortunately, Mr. Ethier had recently attended a product seminar at FW Webb’s Albany, NY branch who distributes the Daikin family of products throughout New England and upstate New York. During the seminar, Daikin’s VRV and VRV-S product technology was presented and met the needs of the Hoosick Valley Church project and Advanced Heating and Cooling.

case hoosick2The Daikin VRV-S system provided Advanced Heating and Cooling the R-410A refrigerant choice, minimal outdoor units by installing only two condensers, high efficiency at all operating ranges which will meet the variation in the church’s occupancy, individual zone operation for up 6 indoor units as well piping lengths up to 1,000 feet. Daikin’s VRV-S product utilizes inverter technology in both the compressor and condenser fan section enabling such long pipe lengths and high efficiencies

The low sound levels associated with the Daikin indoor and outdoor units also due to the inverter technology allows the church to enjoy the comfort of central cooling but without any noticeable operating sound to interfere with the activities in and around the church.

Another benefit was the ability to locate one of the indoor units in the newly renovated narthex but provide individual control. The Daikin system also provided the ability to locate the other remote controllers in another location outside the worship hall, maintaining the aesthetics.

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